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Out of Sight Out of Mind

  Have you ever wondered where your toddler’s super hero went, it went on a ride down the whirlpool express into oblivion. That of course was after it was dipped in the bowl and reinserted into the little tyke’s mouth….

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Do you qualify who you refer?

Price isn’t everything when it comes to selecting a pipe inspection company. Issues of liability become a huge problem when referring a pipe inspection company. Many articles have been written about the subject but in a nut shell what does…

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“Tell-Tale Signs”

Hydro Physics presents….Down- Under Data “Tell-Tale” Signs”                                                                                                                              of underground sewer problems.   Sewer problems often leave “Tell-Tale” signs that you can easily identify during a routine walk through inspection of a property. Listed below are some of the most…

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Is a Sewer pre-sale inspection money well spent?

I receive questions regarding this subject all the time and the following is a little Q & A. Q: Someone suggested having the sewer “scoped” on a home I am purchasing, in addition to many other fees and inspections I…

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Common Problems with sewer lines-Low Areas

  A “low area” (a.k.a. Sag or Belly) is where the sewer pipe has lost positive slope going to its destination, i.e. the city sewer main or in some cases, a septic tank, With rare exception, sewers flow by gravity…

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