Do you qualify who you refer?

Price isn’t everything when it comes to selecting a pipe inspection company.

Issues of liability become a huge problem when referring a pipe inspection company. Many articles have been written about the subject but in a nut shell what does it mean to you.

Negligent Referral has become a major issue and can be avoided if you qualify who you refer. You may believe by handing out a couple different names that you are protected but in this sue happy environment don’t be so sure.

  1. Make sure your pipe inspector has Liability insurance for any damages that may occur at the homes they inspect.
  2. Make sure that they have proof of E&O insurance that covers the inspector against claims resulting from negligence.
  3. Make sure they have Workers Compensation insurance. If they don’t and get injured at a home that is being inspected they can go after the seller, not a good ending to a relationship with the seller’s agent or the seller.

Have the company you refer send the insurance certificates to your office manager to have on file for all the agents to use. If the company you refer can’t produce all the necessary proof of insurance they don’t have coverage.

Hydro Physics has the insurance coverage required to conduct business in a professional manner.

Hydro Physics offers:

  1. More experience in the business than any other inspection company
  2. The highest levels of training
  3. Un-biased inspection, we don’t do repairs. So far we have saved clients over $3,000,000 in the past two years on second opinions.
  4. A professional office staff to handle scheduling and answers questions quickly