Out of Sight Out of Mind


Have you ever wondered where your toddler’s super hero went, it went on a ride down the whirlpool express into oblivion. That of course was after it was dipped in the bowl and reinserted into the little tyke’s mouth. After decades of pipe inspections we have found many toys that either made the complete trip or caused a backup. Big people lose their toys as well, that life support object, the all mighty cell phone. “Can you hear me now?”  Hydro Physics has retrieved many pieces of valuable jewelry, such as diamond rings, that sometimes made the trip by accident, or on purpose.

If you ever need some spare change for the bus just go to a laundry mat and check the drain lines, Hydro Physics has found masses of coins in the drain lines.

Some things you see make sense, but others leave you scratching your head saying “ how did that ever get in here.” We have seen many different pieces of clothing, in fact we found a complete bed sheet one time. No Downey is going to help these out. I know we all have said it, “where are my glasses”? In some cases I can tell you exactly where they are, in the sewer line. And what about silverware you’ve been missing, I can tell you where it is but I would suggest only using it for guest that are unwelcomed.

In some circumstances it is an entomologist dream, 4” defiant albino cockroaches, spiders that can hold their own against the Bronco defense and flies that make Jeff Goldblum look meek.

And then there are the animals we have found. Marlin Perkins could do complete show on these furry friends. Raccoons, foxes, coyotes, rabbits, snakes, rats and mice.

Then there are the inanimate objects, pop cans, water bottles, hair doodads, 2X4’s, rocks, razors, needles, the caps for all of the products we use and various and sundry packaging.

And lastly a poor soul that was found in a chimney deceased. To quote the coroner when she arrived, “please tell me he doesn’t have on a red suit.”

Hydro Physics is the technology leader with 25 years in the pipe inspection industry. We are committed to providing high-quality, camera pipeline inspection videos/reports. We offer highly trained inspection experts for a safe, cost effective, environmentally-responsible service. You benefit from this unbiased, accurate report, perhaps saving you thousands of dollars. We saved our clients over $1,256,000 in unneeded sewer line repairs in 2015. We create value to our customers by supplying high-quality color videos and written reports for better pipe analysis. We offer

  • Pipe inspections
  • Utility locating
  • Odor detection
  • Water leak detection
  • Pressure testing
  • Vac Con service
  • Root maintenance using Vaporooter
  • Consulting service

Our company goal remains the same, to expose fraud in the pipe inspection business estimated to be $20,000,000 (million) a year in Denver alone. Visit our web site at www.hydrophysics.org

Specialties: Sewer pipe inspections of all piping 2” to 48” in diameter that are guaranteed accurate and unbiased. Serving Metro Denver and Fort Collins.  Ideal for home buyers and home owners who want to verify proposed repairs.