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Pre-purchase sewer scopes protect you and your clients from the potential dangers associated with making uninformed buying decisions. Just like a general home inspection assembles many facts about the condition of a property, Hydro Physics will give you the facts about the sewer line that a home inspector cannot see. This empowers you with the tools to make informed buying decisions. We do inspections, not excavations. We are your eyes underground, and that is important for any real estate deal, because what you can’t see has the potential to cost you big.


checked11 Don’t place your client and your real estate deal in the wrong hands. A seemingly cheap inspection with the wrong company can often result in $1,000s in fraudulent and unnecessary sewer line repair costs

checked11 Our pipe inspector will assess the condition of your client’s sewer line and provide an unbiased and thorough report. We don’t dig and we don’t do business with companies that provide “kick-backs” for claiming there is a problem with a sewer line when there is not

checked11 We are the trusted name in the Denver metro area for pre-purchase sewer inspections. Realtors know us, trust us, and enjoy working with our technicians


checked11 Our office staff has years of experience with Denver realtors and scheduling for their clients

checked11 They understand the importance of timelines, home inspections, and professional documentation

checked11 When you call to schedule, please inform us that you are a local realtor, calling on behalf of a client. This will give you access to our discounted inspection rate for those in real estate

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checked11 If scheduling in advance, feel free to request an inspection for the same time as your client’s home inspection. We will do our best to arrange this for you

checked11 Following the inspection, our technician will go over the results with you in person (if you and/or client are present). We will then provide you with a written pipe report and accompanying DVD with the inspection footage

checked11 Our video footage includes on-screen, typed notes marking any problem areas detected, including type and severity. If a problem is detected and requires service or repair, we will notify you of this in our documentation, as well as provide referrals to trustworthy professionals in the area to perform the work

checked11 If you or your client are unable to be present for the inspection, we can go in on a lockbox code, if given access

checked11 We accept payment by cash, check, and all major credit cards.  Payment is due at time of service. If you or your client are unable to be present for the inspection, we simply require payment by credit card over the phone by time of service


All pipe reports and inspection video footage can be made available by download, upon request. Easy and convenient!

 popcorn1 film reel And don’t forget… with Hydro Physics, you always get popcorn with your movie!