“Tell-Tale Signs”

Hydro Physics presents….Down- Under Data

“Tell-Tale” Signs”

                                                                                                                             of underground sewer problems.


Sewer problems often leave “Tell-Tale” signs that you can easily identify during a routine walk through inspection of a property. Listed below are some of the most common “Tell-Tale” signs. If you encounter any of them, it would be wise to contact Hydro Physics for a closer look. If there is a real problem, the information we provide will enable you in making an informed decision on the property.


Replaced clean-out plugs:

Sewer lines usually have a clean-out access normally situated vertically on the main sewer line in the basement, crawlspace, or occasionally outside. In residential construction, prior to the 1980’s , a brass plug was used. If the original plug has been replaced with one pictured below, some sewer work, usually cleaning has been needed.

Clean-out plugs

Service Stickers:

The presence of these stickers on or near sewer pipes often indicate the sewer has given the owner problems at some point. In addition, they may also indicate that the property is on a preventative maintenance program for regular cleaning to prevent future backups.



Water Staining:

Water stains around the floor drain in the basement are an obvious sign the sewer line is not draining properly. The floor drain is usually the lowest point on the sewer line and it provides the first symptoms of a sewer problem.




Structural damage:

Walls or floors cracking indicate movement of the foundation. Shifting foundations can be caused from excessive water in the soil which may be coming from a broken underground sewer line.

Structural Cracking

Other signs:

Signs of a broken sewer line can be sink holes, foul odors, water staining on walls or floors or concrete patches over drill holes for mud jacking.

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