Is a Sewer pre-sale inspection money well spent?

I receive questions regarding this subject all the time and the following is a little Q & A.

Q: Someone suggested having the sewer “scoped” on a home I am purchasing, in addition to many other fees and inspections I am paying for already, so I am hesitant. I never heard of this. The house was built in the late 40’s. Is this really necessary, and cost –effective?

A: This type of inspection has gained popularity for potential home buyers. Is it worth it? I think it is very cheap insurance for anyone purchasing a home.

Within the past few years, all homeowners-insurance carriers have eliminated the sewer line from coverage, exposing owners and buyers to greater liabilities.

It is typical that you own the sewer from the house or building all the way to the city tap in the street or alley. This means a repair can involve not only digging up the yard, but also the sidewalk and half the street, along with ensuing municipal permits and inspections. In some cases, municipal workers are the only ones allowed to perform the street or sidewalk repair, increasing expenses. A $20,000 repair is not unheard of, and costs can exceed this quite often. Obviously a home inspector cannot see the buried sewer line, and running the water and flushing the toilets do not test the line adequately.

Hydro Physics was the originator of the home purchase sewer inspection. Many companies are out there but none of them are un-biased like Hydro Physics. It’s important to select a company that does not do repairs or one that receives a kick back from an excavator.

Remember Hydro Physics tag line, “We’re Up Front About What’s Down Under.”

Q: What kind of things do you find?

A: Pre 1975 clay pipe was used which can have root infiltration through the joints. Additionally you can find separated joints, breaks and low areas. Post 1975, plastic piping was used which can have separated joints, breaks, and low areas.

If a repair is needed Hydro Physics can pinpoint the exact spot using an electronic locator eliminating the need to replace the entire line.

Q: What is the inspection process?

A: Hydro Physics comes to the property, reviews the plumbing, and determines the best way to insert a camera into the line. The camera then passes through the line from the house or building to the city main and back. The inspection is recorded from start to finish and documented. You receive a full color DVD or email upload and a detailed inspection report with any recommendations for repairs or maintenance.

Hydro Physics is the technology leader with more than 24 years in the pipe inspection industry. We are the only company licensed to apply Vaporooter in Colorado. We are committed to providing high-quality, camera pipeline inspection videos/reports. We offer highly trained inspection experts for a safe, cost effective, environmentally-responsible service. You benefit from this unbiased accurate information perhaps saving you thousands of dollars. In 2014 we saved our clients $1,256,000 in unneeded sewer line repairs. We create value to our customers by supplying high-quality color videos and written reports for better pipe analysis. Hydro Physics

  • Pipe inspection,
  • Utility locating,
  • Odor detection,
  • Leak detection,
  • Pressure testing
  • Root removal using Vaporooter

Our company goal remains the same; to offer excellent; trustworthy pipe inspections. This in turn continues to expose fraud in the pipe inspection business estimated to be over $20,000,000 (million) a year in Denver alone.