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Do you qualify who you refer?

Price isn’t everything when it comes to selecting a pipe inspection company. Issues of liability become a huge problem when referring a pipe inspection company. Many articles have been written about the subject but in a nut shell what does…

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Common Problems in sewer lines-Pipe offset problems

Underground pipes are installed in sections or segments ranging from 2′ to 20′ or more. When connected sections do not line up perfectly with one another, they are referred to as being “off-set.” Sewer lines built from the 1800’s up…

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Sewer Camera Inspection – The Easiest Way to Locate Sewer Line Problems

When you are buying a home, selling your home, or just have sewer issues, this is the perfect time to bring in the professionals to assess your sewer system. These camera inspections can pinpoint and determine the problem. The traditional…

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