Common Problems in sewer lines-Pipe offset problems

Underground pipes are installed in sections or segments ranging from 2′ to 20′ or more. When connected sections do not line up perfectly with one another, they are referred to as being “off-set.”

Sewer lines built from the 1800’s up to the mid 1980’s were constructed using a large number of short sections, typically 2′ to 4′ in length, of VCT (vitreous clay tile) pipe. These sewer lines are particularly subject to off-sets due to their large number of joints. During construction, the joints were sealed with products such as concrete, coal tar, oakum, rubber gaskets, and on occasion, nothing at all. Over time, these sealants erode away, allowing the pipe to then settle down into the “hub” of a connected pipe creating a slight offset. In most clay pipe, off-sets will not exceed 1/4″ unless the pipe is broken at the hub. However, this only applied to pipes running in a straight line.

Most sewer camera systems will have a very difficult (if not impossible) time passing over a 1/4″ off-set. If a sewer line is being video inspected and the technician passes over what he is calling a “severe off-set” and suggests excavation work is needed…beware. Compare his evaluation to those controlled models pictured here.

Common Problems in sewer lines-Pipe offset problems

Common Problems in sewer lines-Pipe offset problems

Hydro Physics recently did a re-inspection after a well-known drain cleaning company “documented” four 1″ off-sets with an accompanying $14,800 repair estimate. We found these off-sets to actually be 1/8″, well within the acceptable range, and that no repair work was needed.

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