How to choose a sewer contractor

All is running smoothly when your plumbing is functioning. Problems can come up in new homes as well as older homes. If you don’t tackle the problem, it can accelerate to bigger problems. You need to call a professional.

But, wait. More than $20 Million in sewer line repair fraud is happening right here in Colorado. You need to first have an impartial company inspect your sewer lines to pinpoint the problems. Then you can start shopping for a reputable company to repair them. Use this check list to make sure you are not the next victim.

  • Use a reputable company to have your sewer line inspected. They will be able to report that all is well down under or pinpoint exactly where a problem exists. This will reduce the repair costs since you will be able to see exactly where the problem exists. Use an impartial inspection company that doesn’t offer or sell repairs. Check their insurance and workman’s comp.
  • Check on the experience level of the inspectors employed by the sewer inspector. Are they trained to use equipment that lets them look inside utility pipes, water drains, and septic tanks to find debris and holes that may prevent the smooth flow of sewage?
  • Determine the best solution for the problem. Does your line need sewer rodding or is it better to use Vaporooter to clear the roots and deter further growth? Check on both options before you make a decision.
  • If the sewer inspector determines that there are problems, be sure to shop around for estimates from at least three contractors before you decide which one to choose for repairs. Talk to your friends, relatives, and neighbors for recommendations. You also can view contractors’ websites to get an overview of each business.
  • Your plumber needs to be qualified, experienced, and licensed. Be sure to get proof of insurance before selecting your contractor.
  • Check with your sewer contractor about the materials that will be used.
  • Ask for a guarantee. It covers expenses to perform corrective work. Look for a garantee that covers both material and labor.

Hydro Physics is dedicated to providing unbiased inspections of pipeline systems. So… is being “unbiased” really that important? Absolutely! Many companies use so called “low cost” or even “FREE” inspections to get in your door. Don’t be fooled – once there, they make huge money by selling repair and replacement work (including full sewer replacements), which 9 out of 10 times we have found are completely unnecessary.