Dear Potential Customer of Hydro Physics,

Not too long ago I had my sewer drainage pipe roto-rooted and scoped by a plumber in town.  He said we had a breach in the line and that we would need to have the line replaced sometime soon, and they would be happy do do the work. Since there have been several other people in our neighborhood who have had that kind of work done recently, I thought it was to be expected, and that we would have to bite the bullet and get it done.  The estimated costs were $5,000 to $10,000.  We decided we would take care of the “problem” this summer.

Because of the expected costs, I wanted to get a second opinion. This time, I had the pipe inspected by Hydro Physics. The people at Hydro Physics were very professional in their services, and objective in their evaluation of the pipe-line. The technician who inspected our pipe told me and showed me video images and pictures of the pipe, and that it was actually in very good condition. We did not need to have the pipe replaced or repaired, as suggested by the other plumber.  We were very thankful to hear that news!

Apparently, there are plumbers in the area who either mistakenly or fraudulently diagnose pipe problems in order to get additional business. Fortunately, Hydro Physics saved us from paying several thousands of dollars for unnecessary work. In addition, because they do not do excavation work to replace plumbing lines, they don’t have any conflicts of interest in the same. I highly recommend Hydro Physics to you!

Chuck Longtine, a grateful customer.